Ravens Draft Day 1 Recap – Ravens Select Marlon Humphrey

The Ravens surprised us all by taking Alabama Cornerback Marlon Humphrey, with the 16th overall pick in the first round. The Ravens were projected to either get a wide receiver or pass rusher. However, by the time the Ravens were on the board, all three first round grade wide receivers were off the board, along with many pass rushers. The Ravens opted to improve the secondary that has not been consistent over recent years, and drafted Marlon Humphrey. Humphrey was a top graded cornerback, who had a good 2 years at NCAA Football powerhouse Alabama. He’s got size, and athleticism, and will be placed into a secondary he can develop in without total pressure being on him. The Ravens also this offseason added other defensive backs, including safety Tony Jefferson, cornerback Brandon Carr, and re-signed safety Lardarius Webb. Baltimore will be looking to improve the defense even more going forward, looking for a pass rusher and inside linebacker. Baltimore also has some holes to fill on the offense on the offensive line and wide receiver.

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