Former Raven Justin Forsett Retires

Today Justin Forsett, a former Ravens running back, announced his retirement to end a nine year NFL career. Forsett joined the Ravens in 2014. Prior to being a Raven, Forsett was a journeyman. He began his career NFL career in 2008, when he was drafted in the seventh round to the Seattle Seahawks. Forsett had been on may different teams during his time before signing with the Ravens. Forsett had only started on an NFL team once prior, which was in 2009 with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks’ starting running back had sustained an injury, and Forsett stepped in to replace him until his recovery. Forsett signed a one year deal with the Baltimore Ravens in 2014. He was projected to be a third string running back, behind Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. However, Ray Rice was suspended and released from the team during the fallout of his domestic violence scandal, placing Pierce at the helm of the running backs corps. In the first game of the season, Pierce would be pulled from the game after fumbling the ball more than coach John Harbaugh could handle. Justin Forsett was then thrusted into the role of the lead back for that game, where he ran the ball 11 times, for 70 yards, and scored one touchdown. Forsett would claim the starting role for the rest of the season, and would go on to rush for 1,266 yards and 8 touchdowns that season, earning him a Pro Bowl appearance.

The Ravens would sign Forsett to a new 3 year $9 million deal in the offseason of that year. However, in Week 11 of the 2015 season, Forsett would join a growing number of injured Ravens after breaking his right arm. In 2016 Forsett would be released by the Ravens, only to be re-signed 2 days later. The move was a maneuver save the Ravens money on the salary cap. Forsett would ultimately be released for the final time on October 4, 2016, after it became apparent he would not be able to reach his 2014 status again. Forsett was a huge part of the community in Baltimore, and a fan favorite throughout the franchise. He kept his presence in Baltimore felt even after he moved on to the Detroit Lions, and later the Denver Broncos in the 2016 season. Today, on May 3, 2017, Forsett announced his retirement from the NFL. His career lasted 9 years, and he will forever be remembered as a Raven thanks to his contributions on and off the field in Baltimore.

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