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Judge Dismisses Charges Against Marlon Humphrey

About a month ago, Marlon Humphrey was arrested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Humphrey was accused of stealing a phone charger from an Uber driver. The incident occurred on January 13, 2018, when Humphrey was taking an Uber to his hotel. He reportedly took an Android phone charger from the Uber driver’s car. Humphrey’s lawyer, Paul Patterson claimed that Humphrey mistook the charger for his, and it was a genuine misunderstanding. The Uber driver claimed that Humphrey escalated the situation, while Mr. Patterson maintained that it was the Uber driver that was not telling the truth.

Yesterday, Tuscaloosa News reporter Stephanie Taylor broke the news that a judge dismissed the charges against Humphrey, as there was no probable cause to believe Humphrey robbed the Uber driver. The judge said that, “The Court finds that the evidence presented does not support a finding that Mr. Humphrey knowingly obtained or exerted unauthorized control over the property of [the Uber driver], with intent to deprive him of his property,”.

Marlon Humphrey’s attorney, Paul Patterson, was quoted as saying, “The evidence was overwhelming that the Uber driver was the aggressor and escalated a situation that could have been resolved without wasting the time and resources of our local law enforcement. Marlon can now continue on the path of success in the NFL. As I stated in the beginning, Marlon has 11 million reasons why not to steal a $3 phone charger.”.

Stephanie Taylor also released the court order that dismissed Humphrey’s charges, via Twitter. In this court order, it is apparent that the judge found there was a lack of substantial evidence, leading to the dismissal of charges. For Marlon Humphrey, this is an obvious win. Humphrey was known for never getting into trouble at Alabama, and his clean record will remain clean. Hopefully, Humphrey doesn’t take an Uber again anytime soon.

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