Ravens Sign hayden hurst

Ravens Finalize Last Rookie Contract

Today, the Baltimore Ravens announced that rookie tight end Hayden Hurst signed his contract. Hurst, the Ravens’ first pick of the draft, was the last draft pick to sign his deal. According to Russell Street Report’s Bryan McFarland, a Ravens Salary Cap expert, Hurst’s deal is reportedly a four year in length and $11 million in payout contract. He also states that the contract is fully guaranteed. Like all first-round player contracts, this deal contains a fifth-year option for the Ravens. This gives Baltimore the option to keep Hurst on for his fifth year after his four on his contract. The deal includes a $6.1 million signing bonus, and his cap hit for the 2018 season is approximately $2 million.

Now that Hurst inked the deal, all of the Ravens rookies are under contract with Baltimore. Fellow first-rounder, Lamar Jackson’s deal is worth roughly $9 million over four years. As a first-round selection, he also has the fifth-year option in his contract. Orlando Brown Jr, the offensive tackle, signed a four year, $3.4 million deal. Fellow third-round pick Mark Andrews signed a similar deal, roughly $3.4 million over the same four years. Fourth rounders Anthony Averett, cornerback, Kenny Young, linebacker, and Jaleel Scott, wide receiver, all got deals very similar to each other. They range from $3.1 to $3.0 million over four years.

The fifth round selection, wide receiver Jordan Lasley, signed a four year, $2.7 million deal. Sixth-rounders Deshon Elliot, safety, Greg Senat, offensive tackle, and Bradley Bozeman, all signed four-year deals. Elliot’s contract is worth about $2.6 million over four years, while Senat and Bozeman signed the same exact deal, worth exactly $2,578,408 over four years. Finally, seventh-round defensive end Zach Sieler signed a four year, $2.5 million deal. Of course, none of these players are guaranteed to play out their entire contract in Baltimore. Most will try to, however, and the Ravens hope that the investments made this year yield greatly in years to come.

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