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Time to Hop on the Gus Bus?

All Aboard the Gus Bus!

Undrafted rookie running back, Gus Edwards, is making a run at the Ravens roster that few expected. When signed to the 90 man roster, most expected Edwards to be a roster filler in training camp for the Ravens. That sentiment quickly dissipated as Edwards displayed his natural playmaking abilities in training camp. Now, his talent is on full display in the preseason, for all to see. Now, with uncertainty at the running back position, perhaps it is time to seriously consider whether or not Edwards should make the roster. Is it time to hop on the Gus Bus?

Since the advent of the team in 1996, the Ravens have maintained the ground game as the backbone of the offense. Running backs Jamal Lewis, Ray Rice, and Justin Forsett gave offenses a steady stream of yardage and touchdowns for years. Now, Alex Collins is inheriting the crown of the Ravens running game. The Ravens, however, do not want to leave Collins alone with the responsibilities of the running backs group. It is imperative that the team provides Collins with an effective supporting cast. The number two in command is Javorius Allen. Allen’s seat is uncontested, as he is an efficient back that provides the passing game great utility. As the top two running back, slots remain secure, there is one left open at the bottom of the ladder. The third string position is currently up for grabs.

The Ravens drafted Kenneth Dixon in 2016, and although he possesses massive talent, he has been a liability for the team. Dixon often sits out games injured, and even received a suspension last year. Now entering his third year, Dixon has only been healthy enough to play in 12 games. Dixon is returning from a torn meniscus that kept him out all of last season. He has already sustained two injuries this offseason, as well. The Ravens are wary of trusting him to be available this season, and if another player, of equal or more production, is on the roster, the Ravens will likely turn to him.

Gus Edwards has shown with every opportunity, that he can contribute to the ground game this year. The undrafted rookie has been one of the stars of the preseason thus far and will likely continue to make play after play. His excellence is not unnoticed. His case for making the roster is only getting stronger each time he takes the field. The Ravens have a big decision to make this offseason. Do they stick with Kenneth Dixon, or move on to Gus Edwards? No conclusions will be made until the end of this offseason, but it is hard to believe that the Ravens would not at least consider it. Especially if Kenneth Dixon falls to injury again. As many are jumping on the Gus Bus, maybe the Ravens will as well.

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