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Baltimore Ravens legend, Terrell Suggs, has a chance to surpass Hall of Fame inductee, Ray Lewis, and become the Ravens’ all-time leader in games played. Ray Lewis played 228 games as a Baltimore Raven, and the two are currently tied at that number. If Suggs plays on Sunday, it would be his 229th game as a Baltimore Raven. The achievement will all but solidify Terrell Suggs as a first-ballot inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Suggs, age 36, has an uncertain future ahead of him. His contract with the Baltimore Ravens expires after this year, and the 16-year veteran may need to find a new team in his 17th year.

Right now, Terrell Suggs is not worrying about the future. It’s business as usual for the seven-time Pro Bowler. When asked about potentially setting the record, Suggs responded comically. “Really? What if I die today? That would be flattering, honoring, but if I slip and fall or something, that’s not good. We’ll talk about those bridges when we cross them.” Suggs was also asked about the possibility of retirement following the conclusion of this year. Suggs responded, “You’ll just know, but I don’t feel that itch. Ain’t no hairs standing up on the back of my neck.” Suggs may not be thinking of retirement, but the possibility is certainly there. He will be 37 next October, and the Ravens may want to move on to younger pass rushers. Suggs could absolutely find a job with another team, but he will have to decide whether or not playing for another franchise, in a different city, for a few years, is worth risking his health.

Whether or not Suggs chooses to hang his cleats up, or is with another franchise next year, one thing will remain certain. He is one of the most loved figures in Baltimore. His unparalleled career will launch him into the Hall of Fame.

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