Ravens Practice Squad

7 Players added to the Ravens Practice Squad

Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens made their final cuts to the roster to trim it down to 53 players. We covered all the moves Baltimore made, in an article yesterday. For all of the roster moves, you can check out that article. Some notable cuts include quarterback Josh Woodrum and running back Taquan Mizzell. Today, the Baltimore Ravens, along with most other NFL teams, claimed players for their practice squad. Here are the players that Baltimore has so far added to the practice team:

Practice Squad Additions:

The Ravens added seven players total, so far, to the practice squad. These players are wide receiver Quincy Adeboyejo, fullback, Ricky Ortiz, offensive lineman Maurquice Shakir, linebacker Boseko Lokombo, tight end Ryan Malleck, defensive back Reggie Porter, and running back Alex Collins. Adeboyejo, Ortiz, Shakir, Lokombo, Malleck, and Porter, were all with the Ravens throughout the preseason. The only outside addition is Alex Collins, who was previously with the Seattle Seahawks. There are also reports that Baltimore was going to add guard Matt Skura to the Ravens practice squad. However, it is unofficial at the moment. The Ravens also were looking to add a few other players to the practice squad but were unable to do so.

The Baltimore Ravens parted ways with both quarterback Josh Woodrum and running back Taquan Mizzell yesterday. The Ravens obviously wanted to bring both preseason standouts to the practice squad. However, neither will make it back to Baltimore. Josh Woodrum was claimed off the waiver wire by the division rival Cleveland Browns. The Browns have obviously had quarterback problems in the past, and Woodrum is just the latest addition to the crowded field in Cleveland. He likely won’t see any playing time during his tenure, unless Cleveland is hit by the injury plague. Taquan Mizzell was also claimed off of waivers, this time to the Chicago Bears. Mizzell will likely be the fourth running back on the depth chart, and won’t get much time on the field either. The Ravens also had another player who was on the team for the preseason picked up off waivers. That player is linebacker Donald Payne. Payne was claimed by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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