Breshad Perriman

Ravens To Pick Up Breshad Perriman’s Roster Bonus

According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, the Baltimore Ravens are planning on pay Breshad Perriman a roster bonus on Saturday. The terms of Perriman’s contract indicate that if Perriman is on the team by the third day of training camp, he is due a significant roster bonus. How significant?¬†$649,485 worth of significance. For a former first-round pick, there typically is no speculation that his team would try to avoid paying the bonus by cutting him. However, Breshad Perriman has continually disappointed¬†during his time in Baltimore. This past May, the Baltimore Ravens declined to pick up Perriman’s fifth-year option, indicating they are losing faith in Perriman. Perriman is obviously on a tight leash, but the Ravens are going to give him another chance to prove himself this offseason.

So what does this mean overall for Perriman’s chances of making the roster? It means that the coaches have not given up yet on the former first-round pick. It means that as long as he can outperform other wide receivers and make it into the top 6 receivers in the eyes of John Harbaugh, he will make the team. It also means that if Perriman continues down his path of underwhelming disappointment, the Ravens will not be afraid to move on to another wide receiver to take his spot.

The ball now is in Breshad Perriman’s court. As the clock is running down, the Baltimore Ravens are passing him the ball one more time. It is up to Breshad Perriman on what he will do with that ball. Will he shoot it and score, forcing the coaches to keep him on the team? Or will he fumble around with it, and ultimately be cast away from the Baltimore Ravens before he could salvage his career? The only way to find out is to watch and wait. His performance in training camp and the preseason will determine his future.

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