Kaare Vedvik Ravens

Kaare Vedvik Will Make Another Roster

The Baltimore Ravens have a knack for finding kickers. It seems like every other year, the Ravens bring in a camp leg, only to realize his potential is much greater than anticipated. While the Ravens have found success with kickers like Matt Stover and Justin Tucker, Baltimore has trained others who have found success elsewhere. Steven Hauschka, Robbie Gould, Graham Gano, and Will Lutz all spent time in Baltimore before landing on their new teams. The tradition of special teams in Baltimore is important to the core values of the Ravens. The organization prides itself on special teams and believes it can find the best people. This year, the Ravens believe in Kaare Vedvik, a Norwegian born soccer player turned American football kicker.

Vedvik came to the United States as an exchange student in high school. He decided to come to America to play football after he saw the Super Bowl on television in Norway. After high school, he would enroll at Marshall, in West Virginia, where he would both punt and kick for the Thundering Herd. Vedvik has impressed during his time in Baltimore. He has shown off his accuracy, along with his deadly power. In the preseason thus far, Vedvik has hit on three out of four field goals and punted an average of 47.8 yards per attempt. His longest punt went deep for 63 yards.

Vedvik has no real chance of making the roster in Baltimore, as the Ravens already have the best kicking and punting duo in the league, in Justin Tucker and Sam Koch. However, Vedvik will find an opportunity elsewhere, as his talents are just too great to ignore. He is a dual-threat ability and not one that sacrifices skill in either department. Vedvik is unusually proficient in both punting and kicking. Where a player typically specifies in just one dimension, Vedvik is well trained in both. For a team looking for a punter, kicker, or both, Vedvik provides a reasonable option. He could find work as either one of his specialties, or both at the same time. While it remains unclear what Vedvik’s role will be, it is clear that he will find one on another team come September.

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