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In 2015, Torrey Smith announced via a blog post (which you can read here) that he would be leaving Baltimore. The announcement followed a period of tense negotiations between both sides, the Ravens and Smith, but ultimately, Smith made the decision that it was best for him to leave at that point. You can’t blame Smith for leaving for money, you never know how long you have in the league, and it is important for players to take care of themselves financially. The decision was emotional for Smith, however. A local product from the University of Maryland, he was a fan favorite for Ravens fans, including myself. More importantly, he was, and still is, and outstanding man. He dedicated much of his own time and money to local Baltimore organizations and charities, and worked hard to make an impact in the community. He even comes back to Baltimore to continue his work. In his own words in the blog post he wrote to the city of Baltimore, he said “Although I may no longer be a member of the Baltimore Ravens, at heart, I will always be a Raven.”

The time has come, to return to Baltimore, to return home for Torrey Smith. Smith’s presence in San Francisco has been largely disappointing to the 49ers, and John Lynch, the new General Manager for the 49ers. The 49ers had major quarterback problems during Torrey Smith’s time with the team, and greatly diminished his play. If Smith wants to succeed in the NFL again, he will need a team with a stable quarterback situation, and an offense that can take advantage of his speed and big play ability down the field. Where in the NFL will he find that? Baltimore. The Ravens are the perfect fit for Smith, as he already has a connection with quarterback Joe Flacco, who he had his best seasons with. The Ravens are also presumably in need of a veteran wide receiver in the absence of Steve Smith Sr. who was also the first one to report Smith’s departure from San Francisco today.

I think I speak for all of the fans of the Ravens when I say, come home Torrey Smith. We all miss you, and your presence on the team. You were not only an outstanding player, but an outstanding man on top of it. We hope you come back to Baltimore, and bring back some of that magic the team had during your stay.

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