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By this point in free agency, we have come to a close on the opening frenzy. The Ravens made one of the biggest splashes in the early parts of free agency this year, as they signed three big name players. These players are safety Tony Jefferson, running back Danny Woodhead, and defensive tackle Brandon Williams. The Ravens are not known for opening their wallets early to free agents, as they typically wait until the expensive players are off the market. Despite their early moves, the Ravens have continued to make salary cap room, indicating they make continue their spending spree. Here are three predictions for the Ravens for the duration of free agency.

Either linebacker Elvis Dumervil or cornerback Lardarius Webb will resign with the Ravens

When the Ravens released Dumvervil, Ozzie Newsome left the door open to his return, saying it would not be out of his options. There are also reports circulating that the Ravens are interesting in bringing back Lardarius Webb to the team. With the Ravens making room in the salary cap, and in need of both a linebacker and a cornerback, there is a possibility both could be resigned. Both Dumervil and Webb have been play makers for the Ravens for a long time. The Ravens also made a move similar to this with Chris Canty a few years ago, where they released Canty only to resign him later in free agency. This could be the same move for either, or both, of these players. I believe at least one of them will be resigned by the Ravens.

The Ravens will target offensive tackle King Dunlap

It seems that the Ravens now have a tendency to go after former San Diego Chargers players in free agency. The Ravens are also in need of an offensive tackle, as Ricky Wagner recently left for the Lions. Dunlap would fit right in being with former teammates Eric Weddle and Danny Woodhead. More importantly, Dunlap would fill a hole the Ravens need filled. He also, presumably, isn’t the most expensive on the market, so the Ravens won’t have to spend all their money on him. I believe that the Ravens will make a push to sign Dunlap.

The Ravens will sign at least one more big name player. 

This is more of a bold prediction than a realistic one, but I believe it is a distinct possibility. There are several big name players currently on the market, who are heading towards the end of their career. These are players like Nick Mangold, Conor Barwin, and Anquan Boldin. The Ravens are known for bringing in players who can produce for a few more seasons, but who won’t be around for many more years. This allows them to get much needed talent cheap. I believe that the Ravens will target and sign at least one big name player in remainder of the offseason, whether it be one of the aforementioned, or not.

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