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Ravens free agent wide receiver Kamar Aiken may be slipping out of Baltimore. Although it isn’t a surprise after Aiken got less playing time after his best season ever, Aiken is set to look elsewhere for a deal. Yesterday, Aiken met with the Indianapolis Colts, and Monday he is set to meet with the Seattle Seahawks. Aiken in 2015, when many of the starters were injured, received for 944 yards and 5 touchdowns. However, in 2016, Aiken totaled 328 yards and 1 touchdown. The lack of statistics is because of lack of playing time, rather than production. This could see Aiken leave to another team where he would get substantially more playing time. However with Steve Smith Sr. retiring, the Ravens need a receiver to pair alongside Perriman and Wallace. If Aiken stays, he would see plenty of playing time, but the relationship may have already soured.

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