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Today, Baltimore added on four new undrafted free agents to the roster. This was done comparatively late in the game, as the Ravens had already added many undrafted free agents during the weekend of, and the week after the NFL Draft. These four free agents are Aaron Bailey, Randy Allen, Jaylen Hill, and Roubbens Joseph. Each will struggle to make the roster, as undrafted free agents are not guaranteed roster slots like other drafted players.

Aaron Bailey was a college quarterback for the University of Northern Iowa Panthers. He is taking the Keenan Reynolds and Julian Edelman approach to the NFL, by movingĀ from quarterback to wide receiver. Randy Allen played linebacker for South Alabama, a program that made the jump to FBS football in 2009. During Allen’s time at South Alabama, he played defensive end well, but is transitioning to linebacker in the NFL. Jaylen Hill is a defensive back out of Jacksonville State, a college football FCS team. Hill played three seasons with the Jacksonville State Gamecocks. Finally, Roubbens Joseph is an offensive tackle from the Buffalo Bulls, a college team in the MAC conference. Joseph started two seasons for the Bulls.

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