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Brian Billick is one of the three head coaches in Baltimore Ravens history. He is also arguably, one of the best. He led the team to the playoffs multiple times, won a Super Bowl with an outstanding defense, and finished his time in Baltimore with an 85-67¬†record. However, the prestigious head coach has yet to enter the Ravens’ Ring of Honor. For years, it seems that Billick has been snubbed of joining the prestigious group, even with his record of success for the Ravens. However, it is now time for Billick to finally, be admitted into the Ring of Honor.¬†

Brian Billick was very successful as the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens. However, he had a major inconsistency problem. Between 2003 and 2007, Brian Billick had three winning seasons and three losing seasons. His final season, 2007, ended with a 5-11 record. At this point, the Ravens organization did not feel confident continuing with Billick anymore. The team opted to part ways with him prior to the 2008 season, and they hired John Harbaugh as his replacement. Since then, Billick has found work as a football analyst, now working at the NFL Network.

Since then the both Billick and the Ravens have somewhat kept their distance. The Ravens have not really acknowledged Billick and his importance for the franchise since their separation. However, it seems that recent events are bringing the two back together. Brian Billick is now going to be joining the Ravens’ preseason broadcast team on WBAL. With Billick back around the organization, it is now only a matter of time until he is given the respect he deserves.

With Billick back in Baltimore for the preseason, it would make the perfect time to announce his induction into the Ring of Honor. The last person to enter the Ring of Honor was Ed Reed in 2015. The Ravens have no one scheduled to join it in 2017, and they could slate it for Billick. Many, including myself, feel that Billick’s entry is long overdone. The Ravens need to act soon and stop wasting time. Billick should have been in the Ring of Honor long ago. It is now time to give him his rightful spot.

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