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Hello everyone and welcome to The Baltimore Feather’s LIVE Article for this week’s preseason matchup. The Baltimore Ravens will take on the Miami Dolphins in a Thursday night game, the second of the preseason. If you’re new to The Baltimore Feather, or our LIVE articles, here is a quick explanation. We regularly update these articles with major events, in this cases plays and game analysis. All reactions are posted as the game is happening. We hope you are ready for some Ravens football, we know we are! The game is starting tonight at 7:00 PM EDT, so grab some snacks and get ready for this preseason week two matchup!

7:09 PM EDT: Kickoff in Miami, here comes Jay Cutler!

7:15 PM EDT: Miami had a nice little drive going but had some issues with penalties, namely holding. Put them in a 3rd and 27 position where Jay Ajayi ran for nearly a first down. But there was a penalty on both the Dolphins and the Ravens. Holding on tackle Avery Young, late hit by safety Eric Weddle. Campanaro returned the punt, Mallet and the offense to come out.

7:27 PM EDT: Ravens couldn’t get it done on 4th down, so the Dolphins took over. Cutler came out slinging the ball but couldn’t find a first down with all the pass rush pressure. Campanaro took the fair catch.

7:30 PM EDT: Baltimore can’t get much done on offense. Matt Skura was called for a false start first play of the drive. Terrance West then fumbled the ball a couple plays later. The only substantial gain was a screen on 3rd and long, wasn’t enough for a first down, however. At least Sam Koch kicked a monster of a punt to set the Dolphins up on the 31.

7:41 PM EDT: Matt Moore is now in at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Jay Cutler finished the night, as he is expected to be the starter this season. Ravens get the ball, but Mallet throws deep first play to Adeboyejo and gets picked off. A rather bad pass to be honest. Overthrown and bad decision. David Fales now in at quarterback for the Dolphins.

7:46 PM EDT: End of the first quarter, Ravens and Dolphins are tied at 0-0. David Fales now comes in at quarterback for the Dolphins. The former San Jose State quarterback has the best name in the NFL.

7:51 PM EDT: Dolphins running back Senorise Perry gave Baltimore headaches that drive, with a couple good runs. Final play was an 11 yard run for the touchdown by Perry. A facemask on Chuck Clark gave Miami 15 more yards while they were already in field goal range.

8:04 PM EDT: The Ravens had a very shaky drive filled with 3rd and longs and penalties. Mallet made some very dumb decisions but some very good ones as well. Tucker made a nice 52-yard field goal to put the Ravens on the board. Score is now 7-3 Dolphins on top.

8:12 PM EDT: Ravens get the ball after kicking to the Dolphins. Perry fumbled it after muffing it to begin with. Justin Tucker swooped in to grab the ball. Despite the great starting position and a strong rushing performance, Mallet and company couldn’t get it into the endzone. Tucker kicked a field goal to make it 7-6.

8:21 PM EDT: The Ravens special teams is going HAM tonight. The defense stopped the Dolphins and forced a 3 and out near the goal line. Chris Matthews blocked the Miami punt, and the Ravens offense took full advantage. Ryan Mallet had a nice little run around play before he found tight end Larry Donnell for a touchdown. Tucker’s PAT was of course good.

8:34 PM EDT: Ryan Mallet threw a contested pick to Tankersley. Looked like Adeboyejo caught it but it was ripped out of his hands. Could’ve gone either way. Ravens got the ball back anyway after a punt.

8:42 PM EDT: Halftime in Miami, the Ravens are leading the Dolphins 13-7. The Ravens had a chance to let Justin Tucker attempt a 72-yard field goal at the end of the half but did not. Besides my disappointment in that the Ravens are looking okay. Mallet though isn’t. He had a rough night out there so far, but I would doubt he comes out again.Really liked what I saw from Buck Allen and Jaylen hill, both are having a good night so far.

8:56 PM EDT: Start of the third quarter. Ravens start the half with the lead, 13-7.

9:17 PM EDT: The Ravens had a really nice drive with Josh Woodrum at quarterback. Woodrum had some nice throws and nice runs, capping off the drive with a 14 yard scramble for a touchdown. Baltimore went for two on the PAT and Woodrum threw the ball to tight end Larry Donnell for the conversion. Looking more and more like Woodrum is going to give Mallet a run for his money for that second quarterback spot.

9:33 PM EDT: End of the 3rd quarter now and the Ravens are on the goal line. If all goes well Josh Woodrum and company will find their way into the end zone for a touchdown to extend this lead to 28-7. (Provided that the PAT is good of course. Really liking what I’m seeing from these young backs, including Buck Allen, Taquan Mizzell, Ricky Ortiz, and Lorenzo Taliaferro.

9:50 PM EDT: Justin Tucker’s field goal attempt is good. Ravens now lead 31-7. Not much more to be said. Overall solid performance by the Ravens as the game winds down. Earlier we saw some offensive problems, especially on the offensive line and quarterback. Woodrum looks better than Mallett, to be honest, and the line needs to step up. Two starters are out on the offense though, so they are not 100%.

9:59 PM EDT: Thaddeus Lewis is now in at QB for the Ravens. He comes in after Woodrum’s spectacular half.

10:11 PM EDT: The game is now over in Miami. Baltimore wins it 31-7. Our player of the game is QB Josh Woodrum, who went 8/10, for 110 yards, and two rushing touchdowns. Next week the Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills on Saturday, August 26, at 7 PM EDT in Baltimore.

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