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Former Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has been very open about his stance on current Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. Pollard was a major part of the Ravens Super Bowl run in the 2012-2013 season. However, after Baltimore’s Super Bowl 47 victory, Pollard was ousted from the team. Pollard, along with other players including Ed Reed, were involved in a near mutiny against Harbaugh in 2012. Pollard first spoke publicly about John Harbaugh in December of 2016, with this tweet:

SB Nation’s Baltimore Beatdown brought up the tweet again today, and Pollard actually responded to it.

As this was all unfolding, I managed to respond to Pollard, and ask him a few questions. I stated that I thought he seemed angry in his statement. He replied by saying he is “actually enjoying life helping others.” and is simply speaking the truth. I then asked him what he specifically did not like about John Harbaugh. He replied respectfully, keeping Harbaugh’s character out of the conversation, but reiterated his view that Harbaugh is an ineffective head coach. I followed up with a question asking if Harbaugh was heavily involved as a head coach or just a figurehead. His response was somewhat surprising. Pollard said, “That’s hard to answer without being mean lol. Let’s just say he filled the position.” In reading between the lines, it is obvious that Pollard feels he is a figurehead. Finally, I asked Pollard whether or not there were any other players who disliked Harbaugh. He responded saying that, “They all gone. Lol! If threatened, cut them!”

Pollard was not originally taken seriously when he first made his claims against Harbaugh last year. However, now that the Ravens are sitting at a measly 4-5 record, holding on to their playoff hopes by a thread, these claims seem more credible now. I am not going to speculate on Harbaugh as a coach, as I am not in the locker room. However, one has to wonder if Bernard Pollard is speaking some uncomfortable truths.

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