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Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was arrested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama today. He is being charged with third-degree theft, a Class C felony. The incident which led to his arrest allegedly took place on January 13, 2018, in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is home to the University of Alabama, where Humphrey attended college. Humphrey is accused of stealing a $15 dollar phone charger from an Uber driver in the early morning. According to the Ravens, Humphrey is cooperating with Tuscaloosa police, and the organization is monitoring the situation.

According to the Tuscaloosa police, Humphrey was taking an Uber to a hotel, at around 2:00 AM on January 13. Humphrey appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and asked his Uber driver for a phone charger to charge his phone. The Uber driver gave him his personal charger, on the expectation that Humphrey would return it after they arrived at the hotel. However, Humphrey never gave the charger back. Humphrey stated that it was a misunderstanding, and thought the charger was his when he got out of the car. The Uber driver reported to the police that Humphrey took the charger, and threatened violence when he tried to get it back. Humphrey reportedly elbowed the Uber driver and clenched his fist, in a fashion that made it look like he wanted to fight.

The police came to the scene and went into Humphrey’s hotel room. Humphrey claimed to the police that the charger was his property, but a police officer noticed that the charger did not fit Humphrey’s phone. The officer took the charger and returned it to the Uber driver. No further altercation occurred, and the police then left the scene.

Although the stolen property was returned, Humphrey was arrested today and charged with a third-degree robbery charge, which is considered a Class C felony in Alabama. After his arrest today, he was brought to Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $2,500 bond. The event could have been a misunderstanding as Humphrey claims it was. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, which likely impeded his judgment.

The Baltimore Ravens issued this statement in response to the situation:

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Update: January 25, 9:58 PM, EST

In this video published by, Marlon Humphrey’s lawyer talks about the situation. The lawyer, Mr. Paul Patterson, claims that Humphrey thought he had is iPhone charging cord with him, and mistook the Uber driver’s Android charger cord as his iPhone cord. The lawyer says Humphrey reached down and grabbed the cord. This is inconsistent with the original report, where the Uber Driver claimed that Humphrey asked him for the cord. Mr. Patterson says that there were many charging cords in the vehicle, which is consistent with the Uber driver’s story. He goes on to say that the Uber driver realized it was Marlon Humphrey he was driving, and knew that Humphrey is an NFL player. He also goes on to say that the Uber driver confronted Humphrey first. He says that “No fists were thrown,” and “no blows transpired between anyone.”. This is inconsistent with the Uber driver’s story, as he said that Humphrey elbowed him, and balled up his fist like he wanted to fight.

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