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Today, the Baltimore Ravens received a sixth-round compensatory pick from the NFL. The 32 compensatory picks are given to teams every year before the NFL Draft. To select franchises to receive these picks, the NFL examines each team’s free agency activity the previous year. The league then compares players gained and lost by each club, and the impact each had on their 2017 team. The league awards teams who lost more than gained a variable number of compensatory picks. This year, the NFL awarded the Ravens, who are known to pursue compensatory picks, just one compensatory selection. The compensatory pick given to Baltimore is located in the sixth round, number 215 overall.

The Baltimore Ravens lost a significant number of players in last year’s free agent market. The players lost included in the compensatory formula are the following: Kamar Aiken, Vladimir Ducasse, Lawrence Guy, Kyle Juszczyk, and Ricky Wagner. Ricky Wagner and Kyle Juszczyk are by far the most prominent of the bunch, as both started for their respective teams in 2017. (Detriot Lions and San Francisco 49ers.) In response to these losses, the Ravens recruited several new players. These players include Brandon Carr, Tony Jefferson, and Danny Woodhead. These three players were also included in the compensatory formula.

The Ravens are not alone in receiving a compensatory pick, 14 other clubs are as well. Arizona, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Green Bay, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles (Chargers), Minnesota, New England, New York (Giants), Oakland, and Tampa Bay will all receive compensatory picks for the upcoming draft. The Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, and Cincinnati Bengals, will each receive a league-high four compensatory picks. With the Ravens’ new pick in hand, the club now has a total of eight draft picks. Here is the Ravens draft order:

First Round (Pick 16),

Second Round (Pick 52)

Third Round (Pick 83)

Fourth Round (Pick 118)

Fifth Round (Pick 154)

Sixth Round (Picks 190 and 215)

Seventh Round (Pick 238)

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