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Today, during the Baltimore Ravens pre-draft press conference, general manager Ozzie Newsome announced that the team added a new quarterback to the roster. Robert Griffin III, the former Redskins and Browns quarterback, joined the Ravens on a one year deal. The former first-round pick, Pro Bowler, and NFL Offensive Player of the Year will have a chance to become the new backup quarterback for the Ravens. Griffin was an outstanding quarterback for the Redskins in 2012, his rookie season. He fell from grace after he sustained multipleĀ injuries, which prompted the rise of Kirk Cousins. After leaving the Redskins in 2016, Griffin would sign with the Cleveland Browns. He started five games but only won one of those five games. He also suffered multiple injuries in 2016.

When Joe Flacco sustained an injury in training camp last year, the Ravens flirted with signing Griffin as an insurance policy. No deal was agreed upon, however, and Griffin remained a free agent for the entirety of the 2017 season. Now, a year later, Robert Griffin III made the deal he could not make a year ago. Other than the duration of the contract, no details are currently known on the deal. One has to imagine that this signing does not bode well for current backup quarterback Ryan Mallett, who the Ravens will probably let go sometime this offseason.

The signing of Robert Griffin III does not prohibit the Ravens from adding young arm talent in the draft. The Ravens may want to add some competition to Griffin in training camp to determine the backup quarterback position. Griffin has a long history of injuries, and the team will want to give all other options a look as well. Josh Woodrum, the preseason MVP of 2017, will have a chance to battle Griffin for the number two slot on the depth chart.

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