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Christian Kirk, an Intriguing Prospect

Christian Kirk is a very intriguing prospect. Kirk, a junior, is a wide receiver coming out of Texas A&M, where he played very well. In all three of his seasons with the Aggies, Kirk received for over 900 yards, once over 1,000 yards. Kirk has been discussed as one of the best wide receivers in this year’s draft class. He likely will go in the first round but could fall to the second. He’s a polished receiver but is not built to certain NFL standards. He certainly plays the part of an NFL receiver, despite not matching some of the physical attributes of bigger-bodiedĀ NFL receivers. That is what makes him very intriguing.

Christian Kirk’s Strengths

Despite his size, Christian Kirk is a very powerful wide receiver. He is able to push through defenders to make great catches, and gain yards after contact. Kirk also has a mean stiff arm and uses it to shrug off defenders. Kirk has elite speed. He is often seen blazing past defensive backs, giving him separation. To show off his speed, even more, Kirk ran a 4.47-second 40-yard dash at the NFL Draft. Kirk couples his elite speed with elite hands. He is very good at catching the ball, especially in traffic. These two attributes make him a very capable deep threat for any offense. His route running ability is also one of the best in this year’s draft class. He runs many different routes, each ran to maximum efficiency. Christian Kirk is very good in the red zone. Despite his size, he is able to use his body to gain the advantage in tight spaces and come down with amazing catches. Finally, Kirk was a solid kick and punt returner at Texas A&M and could bring this talent to an NFL squad.

Christian Kirk’s Weaknesses

Christian Kirk’s main weakness is his size. He is only 5’10”, and 200 lbs, making him undersized compared to other NFL receivers. This could be a big issue if NFL cornerbacks start to take advantage of his small size. Although Christian Kirk has great hands, his catch radiusĀ is small. If the quarterback throws a pass that is not precise, Kirk will have a difficulty getting to the ball. These are the only weaknesses Kirk has.


Christian Kirk is the ultimate litmus test for NFL teams. He has all the talent needed for a receiver to become a great receiver in the NFL, but his physical stature is not up to par in the NFL. He is undersized but still was able to make plays in college. If the Baltimore Ravens were to draft Christian Kirk, he would probably take over the slot role. However, I’m not sure the Ravens would want to draft Christian Kirk. He is a great prospect, but the Ravens may be adding another wide receiver before the draft. If Baltimore was to sign Dez Bryant, that would make the front office hesitant on drafting a receiver in the first round. If Kirk falls to the second round, the Ravens will probably scoop him up, but that might not happen.

The Verdict

When rating Christian Kirk, I gave him a 7.8/10.0 prospect grade. He is a very talented wide receiver but is not at the NFL desired size. Kirk is the second best receiver in this draft class, just behind the Alabama Crimson Tide’s Calvin Ridley. Kirk is a receiver who will likely go in the first or early second round. His best value comes in the early second round. The Ravens likely won’t take him in the first round but would be very interested in taking him in the second. However, Kirk likely won’t fall to Baltimore in the second round. Overall, he is a very solid receiver, who could become an excellent slot possession receiver in the NFL.

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