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Over the past few years, the Baltimore Ravens have been kept out of the postseason the team was so accustomed to playing in. Aside from 2015, the Ravens were not particularly bad during any of the previous three years. In both 2016 and 2017, the Ravens fell literally one play short of making the playoffs. There is much to be debated over whether or not the team was adequately prepared down the stretch of those two years, but one thing remains painfully clear. The plague of injuries inflicted irreversible damage on the team’s playoff chances. Even in 2015, the year Baltimore saw its first and only losing season under John Harbaugh, the team was devastated by injuries. In fact, that year was the worst for injuries, as quarterback Joe Flacco tore his ACL, Terrell Suggs his Achilles, and Justin Forsett broke his arm.

The past is a great indication of how scenarios will unfold should similar ones reoccur. The Ravens understand that a substantial number of injuries will hinder, if not kill the team’s playoff hopes. It is beyond crucial that the Ravens remain cautious throughout training camp and the rest of the offseason. A single injury to a key player like Joe Flacco or Terrell Suggs could devastate the team, and spell doom as early as July.

It seems obvious that the Ravens will do everything possible to limit injuries. However, it is impossible to control all possibilities for injuries. The Ravens are at an increased risk this year, as they play five preseason games instead of just four. This means that Baltimore must also start training camp ahead of time. The risks are apparent for the Ravens, but hopefully this year, luck takes the side of Baltimore and prevents injuries. If no major injuries occur this offseason, Baltimore will be ready to make a great start to the season.

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