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The NFL trade deadline is rapidly approaching and after a shameful performance in Carolina, rumors have begun to circulate that the Ravens would make a move. But while today’s 4 P.M. deadline hangs over his head, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome has no plans to make or take calls. Newsome has served as head of the Ravens front office since the advent of the team. No man has both symbolized and played a role in the stability of the Ravens more than Newsome. Newsome’s style as a general manager is one of patience. Build the team in the offseason and let the coaches handle the rest. Newsome has stuck by this motto throughout his entire career and has rarely ever meddled with the personnel during the season. If head coach John Harbaugh is confident in the talent on the field, so is Ozzie Newsome.

The pair has reigned in Baltimore for over ten years now. They have seen great highs and great lows. But throughout the rollercoaster ride, in a league filled with egotists, both have maintained their respect and trust for one another. Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh see eye to eye. This partnership has given the Ravens great stability and has kept the Ravens competitive in all the years John Harbaugh has led the team.

Whispers, mainly fueled by the media, have started to dominate the conversation. Commentators have speculated that the Ravens may, despite past tendencies, make a rash move right before the deadline. Players like running back Jordan Howard of the Chicago Bears and center Alex Mack of the Atlanta Falcons have been cited as possible players of interest. But while it makes for a good storyline, the probability of a trade remains low. Ozzie Newsome, in his last year, will let Harbaugh ride out the season. Unless he asks him to work a trade, Ozzie Newsome will leave his phone on silent until 4 P.M.

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