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As the NFL crosses the halfway mark in the season, the league is starting the process to determine Pro Bowl rosters. The honor is given to top performing players, as voted by the fans and a committee selected by the NFL. While teams around the league prepare to see a delegation of their players sent to the Pro Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens struggle to name just one player who deserves the honor. The year of mediocrity in Baltimore has not only slashed the reputation of the Ravens but of its players as well. As they currently stand, no Ravens player is set to make the Pro Bowl.

Baltimore’s traditional candidates for the Pro Bowl, Justin Tucker, Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, and C.J. Mosley, all have a chance to be selected in 2018, but none are sure fire picks. Tucker’s missed the extra point, and blocked kicks downgrade his chances dramatically, but don’t put him completely out of the picture. Eric Weddle’s season has been mediocre. In nine games, he has no interceptions, but one sack. C.J. Mosley has struggled at times, especially in pass coverage. Terrell Suggs has seen less and less time on the field, although he has 5.5 sacks. If Suggs can get to over 10 sacks, he has a chance to make the Pro Bowl. Out of all four players, Tucker and Suggs have the best chance to make the Pro Bowl, although it will be a difficult task.

Baltimore’s best candidate for the Pro Bowl is not among the traditional probable players. Wide receiver, John Brown, is in his first year with the Ravens but is Baltimore’s best player. The fast and talented wide receiver has burnt defenses and led the Ravens offense. With 601 yards so far, John Brown has the chance to catch for over 1,000 yards, and potentially make the 1,100-yard mark. It is difficult to say whether or not this would lead to a Pro Bowl appearance, but the effort is the best in Baltimore so far. Although John Brown has a strong case, I don’t see him, or any other Ravens player being sent to the Pro Bowl. None deserve the nod until one can become a true standout player.

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