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This week marks the beginning of the 2019 NFL Combine, the most important pre-draft event of the offseason. At the yearly combine, NFL general managers, coaches, scouts, and other executives gather in Indianapolis for the opportunity to evaluate players. The first-hand experience with the prospects on and off the field is extremely valuable to each club. Because of its importance, the NFL Combine is one of the most anticipated events for the fans. Football fans can watch the wall to wall coverage on the NFL Network from Friday, March 1 to Monday, March 4.  Although the workouts and drills do not begin until Friday, the NFL Combine actually started on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, group 1 (place kickers, special team players, and offensive tackles), group 2 (interior offensive linemen), and group 3 (running backs) arrived in Indianapolis. On Wednesday, group 4 (tight ends), and groups 5 and 6 (quarterbacks and wide receivers) will arrive. On Thursday, group 7 and 8 (defensive linemen) and group 9 (linebackers) will arrive. Finally, on Friday, groups 10 and 11 (defensive backs) will be the last to arrive.

When each group arrives, they will be subject to registration, pre-workout medical examinations, x-rays, orientation, interviews, and measurements over a two day period. On the third day each group is in town, players from the group will undergo psychological testing, meet with the NFL Players Association, talk to the media, and finish interviews. Workouts and drills will take place on from Friday on.

On Friday, running backs, offensive linemen, special teamers, and place kickers will take the field. On Saturday, the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends will follow. On Sunday, defensive lineman and linebackers will showcase their skills. Monday is the final day of the NFL Combine. Defensive backs will finish out the week.

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and general manager Eric DeCosta are scheduled to speak to the media from Indianapolis at 10:00 A.M. and 10:15 A.M. respectfully. The pressers will be streamed from the Ravens Website.

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