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On Friday, Baltimore’s longtime special teams coordinator and associate head coach, Jerry Rosburg, announced that he planned to retire. Rosburg joined the Baltimore Ravens on head coach John Harbaugh’s first staff group in 2008. He quickly became an incredible asset for the Ravens and developed a special teams group that consistently competed to be the best in the National Football League. Rosburg said that he will remain with the team for a short while longer. He will leave his position in June. Head coach, John Harbaugh plans to promote special teams assistant Chris Horton. The 34-year-old special teams assistant started his coaching career after playing in the NFL for five years as a safety and special teams player. He has been with the Ravens for five years.

Since John Harbaugh came to Baltimore, special teams have been very important to the Ravens. Coach Harbaugh understood its value as a longtime special teams coach for Andy Reid. He plucked Rosburg from the Atlanta Falcons in 2008 because he knew that Rosburg would be able to create a top-notch¬†special teams group. Rosburg became known as the best special teams coach in the NFL, and many speculated that he would one day follow in Harbaugh’s footsteps and become a head coach. The opportunity never arose, but Rosburg was happy in Baltimore and enjoyed his partnership with coach Harbaugh, a colleague, and a friend.

Rosburg cited personal reasons for wanting to retire. He has children in college and wants to spend more time with family, and not miss out on the things he sacrificed to be a coach. Rosburg said that the team was in good hands going forward with Chris Horton. Rosburg’s legacy in Baltimore will forever be tied to success. He developed the special teams “wolfpack” of Justin Tucker, Sam Koch, and Morgan Cox, the best special teams trio in the league. He also developed a strong kick return game, most notably with Jacoby Jones. These additions to the team were invaluable for the Ravens’ Super Bowl run six years ago. As coach Harbaugh said, the Ravens would not have seen the same amount¬†of success without coach Rosburg.

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