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Patience. It is the virtue that separates winners from losers and success from failure. The Ravens went through the entire second round without making a single selection. The Ravens traded away their second-round pick in a deal last year that would yield Lamar Jackson. With extra capital acquired through trading back and receiving compensatory picks, Baltimore had the opportunity to trade into the second round. But the move would have been costly. Even in the third round, Ravens general manager, Eric DeCosta said he considered moving up to make a selection. Instead of making an impulsive decision, the Ravens stayed put and waited for the cards to fall in their favor.

The Ravens never needed to trade up, they got the guy they wanted all along. That guy happens to be Jaylon Ferguson, an edge rusher from Louisiana Tech.

Don’t let Ferguson’s small school background fool you, he’s the real deal.

Ferguson dominated at Louisiana Tech. And when I say dominated, I mean dominated. He lead the NCAA Division I FBS in sacks. Not in a year, but in his career.

The Ravens just drafted college football’s highest level’s all-time sack leader. In the third round!

Only in Baltimore will you find a front office with as much poise to make a move like this. To sit and wait for the dominos to fall, and to pounce once the moment arrives.

Jaylon Ferguson was not invited to the 2019 NFL Combine. He was denied entry because of an arrest and conviction of battery four years ago in his freshman year of college. But Ferguson was only convicted of a misdemeanor for entering a fight described as a “scuffle.” His punishment? A fine of $189…

Since then, Ferguson has been clean. The Ravens brass met with him a couple of weeks before the draft and were impressed with him. Multiple NFL teams had a hard time reaching Ferguson this week. Why? Because he was in Louisiana, helping clean up areas affected by tornados. In other words, his character concerns are poppycock. Kudos to Eric DeCosta and the Ravens front office for this selection, it will prove to be a great one.

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