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On Monday, Baltimore Ravens head coach, John Harbaugh announced that the second-year safety from Texas, DeShon Elliott, will miss the rest of the 2019 season with a knee injury he sustained on Sunday, against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Elliott missed the entire 2018 season with a fractured forearm.

The Baltimore Ravens secondary is already razor-thin. Baltimore lost Tavon Young in the offseason due to a neck injury, Jimmy Smith to a short term MCL sprain, Tony Jefferson to an ACL injury, and now DeShon Elliot to a knee injury. All this is happening while Maurice Canady is day-to-day with a hamstring injury as well.

The thin Ravens secondary is sure to get some help when Jimmy Smith returns, but Baltimore may need additional help. Baltimore could turn to free-agent options, but there is much discussion about elite cornerbacks, Jalen Ramsey and Patrick Peterson being available for trade. It’s possible that Baltimore could make a move, but it appears unrealistic that Baltimore would mortgage the future for the present.

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