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The National Football League’s trade deadline always attracts attention. The speculation of last-minute trades between losing teams looking to sell, and winning teams looking to buy, always captures the imagination of football fans, each hoping their own team makes a move. Rumors and speculation surrounding the Baltimore Ravens propagated the idea that Baltimore was in the market to add a new pass rusher to save the lackluster group from mediocrity. The speculated move did not occur though, and the Ravens stood firm as the deadline neared.

Although there were no new additions or subtractions from the Ravens roster this afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens were not inactive at the deadline. According to ESPN NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, the Ravens were engaged with the New York Jets in talks regarding third-year strong safety, Jamal Adams. These negotiations did not result in enough movement from both sides, and the potential deal never came into existence.

Trading for Adams would have been unexpected, but it shows that the Ravens are willing to explore all avenues to improve the team. Baltimore did not make a move to acquire a new pass rusher, but it is safe to assume that Ravens’ general manager, Eric DeCosta, at least inquired about potential trade candidates.

Holding still at the trade deadline reveals two key attributes of the Eric DeCosta reign in Baltimore, an era we are still learning about as we go. Eric DeCosta’s Ravens are patient and confident.

Under DeCosta, the Ravens are patient in their dealings with other teams. The first-year general manager refuses to jump at opportunities for the sake of jumping. Unless that opportunity provides the highest reward for the lowest cost, DeCosta is not going to bite. This is a great characteristic for anyone to have, but especially someone in DeCosta’s shoes. There are 31 other teams in the league that will try to swindle the Ravens one way or another. Eric DeCosta understands value, and would rather refuse a bad move than conduct it out of sheer impulse.

The Ravens are also confident in the assets the team already has under DeCosta. DeCosta believes that he put together a competitive team worth keeping together. He understands it has problems and looks to solve those problems on a daily basis but believes that the team is built well. DeCosta entrusts the coaching staff to arrange the Ravens’ assets in the correct manner, to build the best team possible.

It is obvious where Eric DeCosta learned to have these attributes. They come from the direct influence of his predecessor, Ozzie Newsome. Patience and confidence were two of the most defining characteristics of the long and bountiful Newsome reign. Eric DeCosta was around for most of that time, and the experience DeCosta earned while working with Newsome gives him the same management outlook.

It’s not likey that DeCosta will deviate from these ideals, but as time goes on, more and more will be learned about the DeCosta era in Baltimore. For right now though, this trade deadline suggests that he will continue in his predecessor’s footsteps, and remain patient and confident as he builds up a dynasty.

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