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The Baltimore Feather is dedicated to bringing you the best information on the 2018 Baltimore Ravens Draft. This page will be a continuous work in progress until the NFL Draft this April. Check in frequently to get my take on all things concerning the NFL Draft this year. Over the period of time left until the draft, I will constantly update this page with new information, which can be found below.

Baltimore Ravens Draft Articles and Pages:

Important Dates:

  • February 4, Super Bowl LII
  • February 13, CFL Players with Expired Contracts can be signed.
  • February 20, Franchise Tagging and Designation of Transition Players Begins
  • February 27, Start of the NFL Combine
  • March 5, End of the NFL Combine
  • March 6, Franchise Tag Deadline
  • March 12, Free Agent Negotiation Begins
  • March 14 (4:00 PM), New League Year, Players may sign new contracts with new teams, trading is reopened.
  • April 20, Restricted Free Agent deadline to sign offer sheets.
  • April 26, Start of the NFL Draft
  • April 28, End of the NFL Draft

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