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Kyle Juszczyk, the unsung hero of the Baltimore Ravens’ offense, is going to be a free agent this offseason. The Ravens need to resign Juszczyk. There’s no sugar coating the impact Juszczyk had on the offense, and the team, throughout his time in Baltimore. Juszczyk, a Harvard graduate, is one of, if not the best fullback in the NFL. He is a solid blocker, and when given the chance, is an effective runner. His outstanding last minute run in Pittsburgh almost won the game to bring Baltimore to the postseason. He is also one of the best safety valves the Ravens have. His checkdown ability gives Flacco a whole other dimension to the passing attack.

Juszczyk needs to stay in Baltimore. Not only would it be beneficial for the Ravens, but for Juszczyk too. The Ravens are one of only a few teams in the NFL that use a fullback, as they are almost exstinct in the league. If Juszczyk leaves the Ravens, it may be tough finding work as a fullback. He could try to be a running back, but would likely be overshadowed by more prominent running backs, and would have minimal reps. 

In Baltimore Juszczyk has a role, and is a vital part to the offense. He may not be the best player statistically, but he is certainly an essential part to the offense, and one of the best and most consistent player on the team. I think I speak for most of the fans, when I say, stay in Baltimore “Juice”.

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