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This offseason, the Baltimore Ravens are going to have to make some difficult decisions. With low cap space, and a definite need for improvement, the team may have to part with some players that the organization, and the fans, rather not see go. One of these players that is a potential salary cap casualty, is wide Receiver Mike Wallace. Wallace joined the team in the offseason of last year, coming off of a minimal year production wise in Minnesota, with only 473 yards and just two touchdowns. In his one season with the Ravens, Wallace took advantage of Joe Flacco and his deep arm, and was able to make a comeback this season with 1,017 yards, and 4 touchdowns. 

Wallace is projected to make roughly $4.75 million in the 2017 season, and with the Ravens salary cap situation where it is now, it is a possibility that they would cut the veteran receiver, and try to bring in a new one like Pierre Garcon or someone in the draft. The problem with cutting Wallace, is that he was very productive last season, and with the retirement of Steve Smith Sr., the Ravens don’t really have a single receiver to fill the role of their go-to guy. The Ravens could sign a free agent receiver or go to the draft to solve this problem, but taking in someone else in place of Wallace would be risky, and might not produce the same results. 

The best option for the Ravens is to keep Wallace. With production like that last year, I wouldn’t be surprised of Wallace continued making plays next year. He’s got plenty of juice still left in him, and the Ravens are in need of help on the offense anyway. Getting rid of Wallace would not help the Ravens on offense in any way. They would have to bring in someone new to get used to Flacco and the offense, and risk the new receiver not producing like Wallace would have. Even though his price tag for next season might be high, the Ravens need to be able to live with it up and keep him.

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