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On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens made their first moves of the offseason by signing eight players off the practice squad to future contracts. Future contracts are contracts that allow teams to claim the rights of players for the upcoming season. The contracts are worth the league minimum and don’t count against a team until the start of the next season. This is a standard practice that almost every team makes after the end of a season. By doing this, along with other NFL teams, the Ravens have signaled that they are ready to begin the process of building next year’s team. The Ravens signed eight players from the practice squad to the active roster. Each will have a chance to compete for a place on the depth chart for the 2019 season. Here are the eight players that the Baltimore Ravens signed:

  1. Guard, Kofi Amichia, 24 years old
  2. Guard, Randin Crecelius, 22 years old
  3. Tight end, Nick Keizer, 23 years old
  4. Running back, Christopher Ezeala, 23 years old
  5. Running back, Tyler Ervin, 25 years old
  6. Defensive back, Robertson Daniel, 27 years old
  7. Defensive back, Bennet Jackson, 27 years old
  8. Linebacker, Alvin Jones, 24 years old

Some players on this list, such as Robertson Daniel, spent time on the Ravens’ 53-man roster this year. Others, like Tyler Ervin, were just signed this year. Notably absent from the list are wide receivers Tim White and Janarion Grant. Both White and Grant spent time on the active roster this year as receivers and punt returners, but neither was signed to a future contract by the Ravens. The Ravens also did not sign tackle Jake Rodgers to a future contract. He was on the practice squad with White and Grant. The Ravens could grab any or all of the three players this offseason, or Baltimore could allow them to walk, and find a chance with another team.

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