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On Friday, the National Football League released the list of awarded compensatory picks for the 2019 Draft. The NFL awards compensatory picks to teams that lose high profile players in free agency. The exact formula the NFL uses to allocate picks is unknown, but essentially, the league compares players gained and lost by each club, and the impact each had on their new teams. The NFL awards teams that lost more than they gained in free agency with a compensatory pick. This year, the Baltimore Ravens received a third-round pick, number 102 overall. The pick was primarily earned by Baltimore’s loss of Ryan Jensen to Tampa Bay last year.

A third round pick is the highest round that is awarded the NFL’s compensatory pick program. The Baltimore Ravens got lucky this year in receiving a third-round pick. Last year, the Ravens received just a sixth-round pick for the loss of tackle Ricky Wagner and other free agents. The Ravens received a much better reward in 2019 than in 2018. With two third and fourth-round picks, Baltimore also has enough ammunition to trade back into the second round. Baltimore traded its 2019 second round pick last year to trade back into the first round and draft quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

The Baltimore Ravens currently lead the league in most compensatory picks awarded since the NFL debuted the system. Since becoming a team in 1996, the Ravens have received 50 compensatory picks. That is eight more compensatory picks than any other team in the league. The Ravens had a chance to add another compensatory pick to this year’s list but barely missed out. Former Ravens wide receiver, Mike Wallace, fell one spot short in the compensatory pick formula in qualifying Baltimore for a seventh-round compensatory pick.

With the addition of pick 102, the Baltimore Ravens increase the number of picks owned to eight. Here is the full list of draft picks that Baltimore owns.

  • Round 1 -1 pick, #22
  • Round 3 – 2 picks – #85, 102
  • Round 4 – 2 picks (1 from Denver)
  • Round 5 – 1 pick
  • Round 6 – 2 picks (1 from Tennessee)

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