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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Baltimore Ravens will not place the franchise tag on CJ Mosley. Baltimore has been unable to secure a long-term deal with Mosley since negotiations began last year. General Manager, Eric DeCosta frequently said that the team would explore all options to keep Mosley on the team, but the estimated $15.433 million salary a franchise tag would force the Ravens to pay was too much for the organization to stomach. Now with just nine days until the start of the new league year, it appears that Mosley is heading to the open market.

Once Mosley hits the open market, it will be very difficult for the Baltimore Ravens to keep pace. Mosley is expected to receive very lucrative offers from clubs with ample cap space, and a need at inside linebacker. The Ravens are trying to free up as much cap space as possible for the future. To award Mosley with a giant contract would kill much of the progress the team has made.

The Ravens can still reach a deal with Mosley before he hits the open market on March 13, but chances are slim. The two sides have been unable to come up with a deal for almost a year, and to think that both parties will find an agreeable deal at this stage is a bit naive. It is possible that the Ravens sign C.J. Mosley after he hits the market. Baltimore did this same thing to defensive tackle Brandon Williams in 2017. The Ravens gave Williams a five year, $52.5 million deal that included $24.5 million in guaranteed money. If the Ravens take the same route with Mosley, expect another large paycheck to be cashed.

Baltimore could also let Mosley walk. The team would have to be comfortable losing one of the league’s rising stars at a key position, but it is conceivable that first-year general manager, Eric DeCosta decides to move on. This may prove unpopular in Baltimore, and DeCosta would have to face whatever the fanbase throws at him.

Only time will reveal what the Ravens do with C.J. Mosley.

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