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It has been three months since the Baltimore Ravens took the football field. But fret not, fellow Ravens fans, football is back on its way!

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced the team’s schedule and opponents for the 2019 preseason. Although it may not have the allure of regular season football, the preseason is still an exciting time for competition. Not only are teams competing against each other, but players are as well. Players on the roster bubble must fight to make teams, and the best of the best are the only ones that can make the final 53-man roster.

This year’s preseason will be shorter than last year’s. In 2018, Baltimore played in the Hall of Fame Game against the Chicago Bears, as Ravens’ legend, Ray Lewis, was enshrined into the Hall of Fame. Bears’ legend Brian Urlacher was also enshrined. Instead of five games, Baltimore will play in just four.

The times for each matchup are not yet set, but the dates and opponents are. The Ravens will start the action by facing off against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and end the preseason with a game against the Washington Redskins. Here is the current preseason schedule:

  • Thursday, August 6 – Jacksonville @ Baltimore
  • Thursday, August 15 – Green Bay @ Baltimore
  • Thursday, August 22 – Baltimore @ Philadelphia
  • Thursday, August 29 – Baltimore @ Washington

The Baltimore Ravens will also have joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles before each preseason game. The practices will give the Ravens an opportunity to practice against actual NFL opponents. The Ravens did the same with the Indianapolis Colts and Los Angeles Rams last offseason. Both teams and the Ravens themselves made the playoffs later that year. The Ravens obviously believe that the experience last year helped the team, and Baltimore wants to continue to build a strong caliber team in 2019. Coach Harbaugh and the Ravens believe that working with other teams will make the Ravens better in 2019.

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