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On Wednesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced that the team would host a press conference at 2:30 in the afternoon to announce an undisclosed situation about an undisclosed player. Speculation followed, and rumors spread. Many speculated that one of Baltimore’s best players signed a contract extension. Some thought it would be Ronnie Stanley’ who’s fifth-year option was exercised yesterday. Others said Matthew Judon. But in the end, it was Justin Tucker, the NFL’s most accurate kicker in history, who signed an extension.

According to ESPN NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, the two parties agreed to a four-year contract extension that will keep Tucker in Baltimore through 2023. Tucker was about to hit the last year of his contract, and as the best kicker in the league, and a vital aspect of Baltimore’s success, the Ravens wanted to lock him down before he hit the open market. And lock him down they did. According to, Tucker is set to become the highest paid kicker in the league.

The four-year extension is worth $23.05 million and includes $12.5 million in fully guaranteed money in the first two years. Tucker will also receive an $8 million signing bonus. His cap hit will average at about $5.76 million per year throughout the duration of the contract.

As all Ravens fans know, Justin Tucker deserves this contract. Throughout the years he has been a staple of the Raven’s gameplan. As the most accurate kicker in NFL history, Tucker can be relied upon for everything, from small to big plays. The highlight of his career came in 2013 when as a second-year player, he nailed a 61-yard field goal in Detroit to win a critical game. In 2016, Tucker converted on every field goal attempt, except one blocked in New England. He can even boast to have received a league MVP vote that year.

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