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Ignore the Song of the Siren

The NFL’s number one diva and drama king, Antonio Brown, officially requested a trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers today. The move was on the horizon for months. Report after report reiterated the same story, that there was an ever-growing rift between the NFL’s top receiver and the franchise that drafted him. His superiority complex first reared its ugly head in 2012 when the Steelers offered him a substantial contract to replace Mike Wallace as the number one receiver. From screaming at coaches that year, to flaunting his money with arrogant arrivals via Rolls Royces and helicopters, to live streaming private team functions, to fights with his quarterback, and to speeding 55 mph over the speed limit just hours before a game, Antonio Brown consistently shows that he cares for no one but himself.

Make no mistake, adding a self-absorbed egotist would be a disastrous move to make, especially for the Ravens. Brown may be one of the top receivers in the league, but his attitude is never justified, and his thirst for attention will never be quenched. Antonio Brown’s top priority is Antonio Brown. If he is not the center of attention, he breaks down and channels his inner five-year-old. It is absolutely unsurprising that what set him off this time may have been seeing JuJu Smith-Schuster win team MVP. If Brown cannot stand being out of the spotlight, how do you think he will react when Lamar Jackson finds more production rushing than passing to him? And would you really want Antonio Brown around Lamar Jackson?

Putting all x’s and o’s aside, Antonio Brown would be a hurricane to the calmness of the locker room. There are no more polar opposites than the personalities of Baltimore’s young quarterback and Antonio Brown. Lamar Jackson is a humble and respectful young man who values his team more than himself. He’s a natural leader and would be a joy to be around. Antonio Brown, on the other hand, is a braggadocious and inconsiderate man, whose physical age does not match his mental one. Antonio Brown is the antithesis of a leader and drains those who he is around. There is no way that John Harbaugh would put up with his antics either.

Harbaugh is a no-nonsense coach. He demands respect in exchange for his respect. The locker room that he and the Ravens constructed contains a group of men who not only respect one another but fight together selflessly. To forcefully add in Antonio Brown to this equation would cause chaos. Harbaugh’s feuds with Bernard Pollard and to a degree, Ed Reed, are well documented. Pollard consistently contended with his coach and mutiny followed. Harbaugh diffused the situation and made sure that the team molded well to prevent similar instances in the future. Antonio Brown would not last a day in Baltimore before being rightfully chastised by Harbaugh. The two would butt heads day after day.

The Baltimore Ravens need to ignore the flash surrounding Antonio Brown. Yes, he is a fantastic player that puts up fantastic numbers on a consistent basis. But he is also the league’s biggest diva and will spell disaster the minute he arrives in Baltimore. The Ravens can find another productive receiver, for less money. One that most importantly, will not suck the life out of the team. Antonio Brown is the mythical siren that lures people to him with his sweet song of success, but he will not hesitate to kill a team in order to benefit himself. Baltimore, ignore the song of the siren, and Antonio Brown, take your “#NewDemands” elsewhere.

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