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On Wednesday morning, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter broke the news that so many Ravens fans were waiting to here. The Baltimore Ravens reached a deal in principle with the Broncos to trade Joe Flacco to Denver. Many Ravens fans and media personalities were skeptical towards the idea of Baltimore receiving draft capital as compensation for Flacco, but it appears that the Broncos were willing to take the deal. The Broncos have been in quarterback limbo for a few years now, and by bringing in Joe Flacco, instantly upgrade at the position.  Now, Denver hopes to create a few “Mile High Miracles” of their own with Flacco.

The connections between Denver and Flacco are strong. Baltimore’s former offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak has ties to the organization. He served as Denver’s offensive coordinator between 1995 and 2005, and as the head coach of the Broncos from 2015-2016 before resigning for medical reasons. During his two stints in Denver, Kubiak developed a close relationship with Hall of Fame quarterback and Broncos president, John Elway. Elway hired former Bears defensive coordinator and Ravens defensive assistant, Vic Fangio, to be Denver’s next head coach. Fangio was in Baltimore for Flacco’s first two years and saw first hand what the quarterback could do.

The Ravens made the decision to move on from Flacco after he was usurped by Lamar Jackson. The Ravens traded into the end of the first round of the 2018 draft to acquire Jackson. The former Heisman Trophy winner took over for Flacco after he got hurt in week nine against the Steelers. The Ravens were able to mount a playoff run with Jackson at the helm, and a run-first, read-option scheme rarely seen in the NFL.

The Baltimore Ravens will reportedly get a mid-round pick in compensation for the 11-year starter and Super Bowl MVP. As Flacco’s time in Baltimore comes to a close, Ravens fans should remember what his reign brought to the team. Baltimore found their first ever franchise quarterback, in an all-around class act man. His tenure was filled with success, and Flacco led the team to its second Super Bowl victory. If a few dropped balls were caught, and a few injuries avoided, Flacco’s time in Baltimore would have been even more successful, to an unimaginable degree. Joe Flacco will always live in the hearts of Ravens fans and be remembered for his amazing leadership in those 11 years.

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